15 things I wish I could tell my 15 year old self

15 things I wish I could tell my 15 yearWhen I look back at being young, 15 is the age that really stands out….. it was an age where I had so much fun but also made some silly decisions. Here’s a quick list of the 15 things I wish I could tell 15 year Gem.

1. Do not, I repeat, do not cut your hair short…. It does not matter if everyone is doing it, if it looks amazing on Victoria Beckham & you think you have the perfect face shape/bone structure for the latest bob.. You don’t babes & your lovely hair will never be the same. Also, stay away from the sun-in… you are very dark haired, it will only make you ginger

2. Girls can be not only be mean, they can be effing horrible bitches, especially the ones you thought were your bff’s. Put your big girl panties on as you are amazing & they are obvs just jealous. It may hurt right now but they won’t matter in a few years’ time, they won’t even be worthy of you

3. Listen to your mum. You may not think it now but she is pretty much always right. She has the best intuition when it comes to real friends & fake ones, bad boys & good ones & whether you should really go out looking like that…. You shouldn’t, FYI. She will also be your biggest supporter, get you through every horrible thing that you think is going to break you (it won’t), teach you the importance of a good eyebrow, love you unconditionally & always be there for you when no one else is…. go easy on her & try not to make her completely crazy with your stupid teenage antics

4. Don’t be heartbroken about boy that you love from afar and is completely forbidden… in about 15 years’ time he will be putting a ring on your finger & promising to make you smile forever

5. Your obsession with fake tan is beyond ridic…. Your using far too much, without a mitt & it’s the kind that washes off with the tiniest bit of water. Just stop, wotzit orange really don’t suit you Gem

6. Do not take family for granted…. Spend every moment you can with them, yes they are crazy but also pretty bloody wonderful. Time is precious & so are they

7. They are called straighteners Gemma, buy some…. And maybe some Frizz-Ease. You’re welcome

8. Stop trying to grow up too quickly…. Being an adult is scary shit, stay young & carefree while you can

9. You do not need to wear that much black eyeliner. You are not a Goth and you just look dirty. Same goes for all that cheap sticky lip gloss you plaster on every two minutes…. You look like you’ve been stuffing your face with greasy chips!

10. That tattoo is not big or clever sweetie…. It’s a tramp stamp that you will spend every day of your life wishing wasn’t there

11. Right now you & your brother have a love hate relationship (mostly hate) & he is so annoying you want to scream…. But believe it or not in a few years’ time he will give you the most beautiful niece, be one of the reasons you find The Boy, give you a life changing book & after a drunken heart to heart at a house party he actually becomes one of your closest friends… Quick pass the sick bucket

12. You think your fat right now? No babes, right now you are perfect, so start embracing them curves before they turn into rolls…. And just so you know, big bums are appreciated a whole lot more in 2015, so you’re good!

13. Keep writing in your diary, it very therapeutic & will help you make sense of all the rubbish in your head… it will also give you a giggle (and maybe a bit of a cringe) in 10 years’ time

14.Teenage boys are not worth your tears. They are stupid anyway…. And they smell

15. Most importantly, everything changes in a day and what is upsetting you right now won’t even cross your mind in a few weeks. Stop worrying so much, show the world that pretty little smile & just enjoy being a pain in the arse teenager

Don’t mind me xxx

17 thoughts on “15 things I wish I could tell my 15 year old self

  1. Cori says:

    I think I need to do one of these. Maybe not as a blog post, but a letter to my younger self. And probably at different ages too. 27 now, and I would like to tell my 21-22 year old self some stuff as well.

  2. Chelsea says:

    LOL!! So true about the fake tan. I used to be obsessed with tanning! Loved reading this post!! At age 15 you seriously think the world is going to end if something doesn’t go your way.

  3. Anali Martinez says:

    Yes. I look back on my life, especially my teen years, and I wish I would have LIVED more. I was constantly worried about what others thought and wanting to “grow up already” that I didn’t really enjoy the little things as much as I should have. I would say a lot of the same things to myself. I want to write a letter to my 15 year old self now! Lol Thanks for posting and for the blogspiration!

  4. Jane Crabtree says:

    You are, and always have been beautiful inside and out. And mumma didn’t raise no fool. Love your blog love you x

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