A letter from your life…..

A letter from your life….. (3)Dear Gem,

Today you are being a massive girl … You are having a day when you feel life is just pants for no other reason than the fact that you say it is. On days like these nothing is actually wrong, nothing dramatic has happened, you just wake up in a disgustingly vile mood, hate everything and everyone and end up crying until you can’t breathe, covering yourself in snot, dribble & salty tears. Attractive babes, stay away from the mirror, for your own sake.

As the last few months of your 20’s start to fly by (shitting it, aren’t you?) I felt it was the perfect time for this letter and to introduce myself to you properly. Even more perfect on a shity day like today, when your drama queen crown is stuck firmly on your head and when you probably need to hear what I have to say to you the most. Sorry it has taken me so long.

Although we have never physically met, I have known you from your first breath and been with you every day since. I know you better than anyone in this whole wide world. I have seen you at your happiest and at your worst experienced your most hurtful pain and your greatest love and felt every day how strong you really are. Gem, I am your life….. Hi!

Everything is actually very lovely right now, if I do say so myself but you are only human and sometimes you can wake up, like today, a moody little cow and decide you just hate the world and everyone in it, including yourself (mostly yourself). As your life, these days are so very annoying and make me want to give you a little slap in the face.

So you’re feeling all sorry for yourself, stuck in a miserable little rut wondering what the eff is actually wrong…. But I’m here to let you know it is natural to occasionally have these days, even when there isn’t anything actually wrong. So don’t beat yourself up about feeling a little bit yuk and having a good ugly cry. Just let it all out, it’s your human right!

Personally I think we truly need yukky days to clear the air. We get the chance to let out all our girly emotion, preferably not in public as nobody needs or deserves to see all that crazy. So get it all out while eating all the chocolate on the sofa in your pants (no it won’t make you fat) watching trash TV that’s so fascinating we most definitely can’t go to the gym (no this will not make you fat either).Then we can shake it off… and move the eff on. Hopefully.

But during all that emotional misery you are feeling I thought you maybe need reminding of a few things…..

First and foremost you need to remember you are more than good enough. You may not feel it right now but believe me you are. The insecurities running through your head are actually ridiculous. The number on the scales is just a number, little mistakes are normal, the boy does love you, you make your family proud, you are great at your job and nobody hates you… not anybody worth your time anyway. Most importantly, this feeling does not define you and will not last for ever. These & all the other craziness going on in your head are just silly insecurities but also very normal. Just don’t let them take over.

Also stop putting yourself down & comparing yourself to others. You are you and nobody else could be you. The people you are comparing yourself to are mostly likely comparing their lives too. There are even parts of your life that some people wish they had… there is definitely some out there just dying for your big bum & frizzy hair, obvs…. But honestly, no one is perfect. You are perfectly you so carry on just being you.

Another thing I feel we need to address is your sensitivity, which can sometimes be a trigger for one of these days. Yes people can be arseholes, for no other reason than that they are just arseholes. Do not let these arseholes upset you. Their actions are their problem, not yours. And whatever mean/vile things they say or do to you shows what they are as a person, not you. Don’t ever take it personally…. Let them be little babes. Just give them a smile and kill them with your kindness. Always be the better person, you don’t need or want that negativity in your life.

Deep down you know all this craziness in your head is just that, craziness. And all the worries that give you that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach will pass…. tomorrow is a new day & it will be a bright one if you let it. Look back at 6 months ago, to what was worrying you back then. I bet it’s not even anything of any importance any more.

I need you to know that these kinds of days happen and will continue to do so. They are just a tiny little blip in an otherwise wonderful little life. You are also pretty damn amazing and capable of so much….. But most importantly, you are loved.

Before this letter comes to an end I need you to do something for me….. Think of something that really makes you smile. Picture this memory in your head & hold it until that smile turns into a warm fuzzy feeling that envelopes you in a hug. Now think of something that really made you laugh. I mean properly piss your pants can’t breathe laugh. Let that memory make you laugh until you your belly hurts…. Please don’t actually piss your pants though, you’re a lady! Now, throughout the day when you really feel the darkness taking over bring up these memories to make it is bright and a sparkly again. I know these two things won’t completely change how you are feeling right now but they will help a little to get you through your drama queen hate the world day, I promise.

You really are a massive bit of wonderful babes and I hope you learn to believe that. I’ll always be around to give you a little reminder though, don’t you worry.

So dry those tears & wipe that snot…. and stop being a bloody girl!!

Love always

Your lovely little life xxx

21 thoughts on “A letter from your life…..

  1. Rae says:

    Love this! I finished my 20s in a similar state of mind. Everything pissed me off for no reason. On the night before my 30th birthday I had a little chat with myself to get over the teen angst I had been holding onto.

  2. Addie says:

    Yes, life has to remind us of the food doesn’t homes, especially when we’re in s rut. And you’re right. A good ugly cry never hurts every once in a while! Thanks for sharing your letter from your life, I think we all can benefit from reading it.

  3. Leslie Wilkie says:

    Girl, your twenties are great and all but 30’s rock. I’m 33 and it still feel surreal to say that because I don’t feel it at all. I do feel like i’m the absolute best version of myself i’ve ever been. There’s a certain calmness and peace that’s come along with my 30’s. I’m not afraid to be me and i’m learning it’s okay to say no. I’ve also learned that I am the center of my universe, not in an it’s all about me way but in a i’ve got to take care of me before I can take care of anyone else way.

    Don’t stress about turning 30. Be glad you get another trip around the sun :)

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