The secret diary of a yoyo gym member… Pt 2

The secret diary of a yoyo gym member.....After spending so long having rubbish motivation, eating rubbish and being rubbish at actually showing up to the gym I paid a stupidly eye watering amount for, I came to the conclusion that I was basically, well rubbish! Something had to change as my stupid excuses were no longer going to cut it. I was miserable and fat days were starting to be every day…. I needed to find something that I loved a little bit but would also make me fit, healthy & goddess like… was eating ALL the food going to do this? Nah babes.

I knew all the reasons why I didn’t go to the gym and believe it or not, exercise wasn’t one of them, I sort of liked that bit. Well mostly, kind of, sort of, maybe-ish.

But it was mainly lack of confidence and not feeling like one of them beautiful gym people that stopped me going. I wasn’t rich yet so couldn’t have my own personal trainer to kick my arse in the park while I got papped looking all glam, or even better, a fat sweaty mess making for great before pictures that would kick start the publicity for my new fitness DVD….. ok Gem, back to reality.

So anyway, I needed somewhere that normal people could go, somewhere that I was free to look like massive loser while training & it wouldn’t matter…. it also need to be somewhere that I wanted to go and wouldn’t find crazy excuses not to go. Like when you tell yourself all day, yep I am going to the gym, I am going to be amazing, I am strong, fit, healthly…. Ahhh man, that woman just pushed past me, spilling my coffee, completely ruining my day, then I broke a nail so needed chocolate, now I can’t possibly go to the gym tonight, it’s Tuesday anyway, who starts that shit on a Tuesday, everyone knows you only start these things on a Monday otherwise it doesn’t work, so I will just eat cake instead….. TRUE STORY.

Thank sweet baby Jesus that the universe had decided to play nice for once as the perfect place sort of landed in my life….  the amazingness that is Your Zone Studio.

The concept is like no other gym I have ever heard of, it’s a personal training studio where you train in a class with other members. The classes are split so for half you will do intense cardio (vile) & then you jump into the Your Zone for weight training (also vile) but killing all the fat in your body ain’t ever gonna be easy.

I left my first session a bright red hot sweaty mess, barely able to walk or breathe but I also had a smile on my face… probably a crazed one but a smile none the less. I felt that I wouldn’t end up doing my usual sign up, go all guns blazing for about two weeks & then forget it even existed as I restarted my love affair with Maccy D’s. And I was bloody right as for some reason this didn’t and still hasn’t happened at all. I love Your Zone and everything about it…. 3 months on & I’m still going strong, with great progress pics to prove it…. Progress pictures???? I am definitely on my way to instagram goddess status and definitely worthy of the hashtag fitspo, surely!?! Yes, I have still had a big Mac or two, but a girls gotta eat right?!?

My first session also opened my eyes a little. Having watched all the YouTube videos in the world about exercise, weight training, how to get that Kardashian bum and Michelle Obama arms, I thought I had a good idea about what I was doing and that although I do tend to give up on the gym very easily, when I am in the gym mind set I actually do pretty well and my training is on point…. WRONG!!!! I left my first session with the realisation that I actually had no effing clue what the best kind of training for me was. God only knows what I have been doing all these years but it definitely was not exercise, well not the kind that is really going to help me any way. And I don’t even want to think about what I looked like when I was doing it!!!!

The great thing about Your Zone is you never have to think about what you have to do that day in the gym, you don’t have to worry about a programme or looking in to which exercise is best for a certain muscle group or how to do it correctly….. the trainers do all that for you! You literally just show up, do as you’re told, sweat for England, burn all the calories you were naughtily eating that day & then you’re done…. EASY!

Then there’s the fancy smancy heart rate monitor system they have, I could literally talk about this bit for days…. I love it!!!! You wear a strap around throughout the class which monitors your heart rate (yes you can get it in pink, YAY) & you can see your heart rate on the screen throughout the session. Its colour coded from grey which is resting then goes up through blue, green, orange & lastly red which is basically I’m dying, I can’t breathe, somebody help me now. The aim is to get your heart rate high up into the orange & stay there….. here you will burn all the fat & all the calories & if you manage to stay in that orange for 12 minutes throughout the class you will continue to burn all the fat & all the calories the next day too, without doing a damn thing…. yep I will defo have some of that please!!!

The little bit of amazingness keeps me motivated in a way I never have been during exercise before. Being able to see my heart rate & what stage I’m at keeps me going throughout, even at points when my body is yelling at me to stop, I just need to look at the screen & see how well I’m doing & think of the extra calories that will die if I just push on a little bit…. It’s effing genius!!!

My favourite thing about this gym though is the atmosphere. I don’t feel silly in there, I feel comfortable & I can trust the trainers will get me through my workout. They’re not scary at all (although some of the workouts they make you do are brutal) & make you feel at ease from your first class. It also helps that Yourzone is like a little community, you start getting to know each other & get each other motivated during classes….. and laugh with each other when someone gets too into an exercise and falls over! A few weeks ago I feel off a bosu ball during a workout where I was trying to do this crazy super plank thingly (check me out) in the middle of quite a full class. Yep that did happen, but did it make me run for the hills & not go back? Hell no… I owned it, as this loser still burnt 497 calories!

Your zone are very big on the personal touch so all the staff make a point of getting to know who you are, how you’re doing in your training, what you do well & what you may struggle with (all of it in my case, but I’m getting there). These personal touches are great, they make me feel like I’m not just another direct debit each month, but that they care about me as a member & what me to succeed with my goals.

Most other gyms I’ve been a member of you barely get a hello when you walk through the door which can make all the difference, especially if your nervous or insecure about being in a gym or had a really bad day & you really don’t want to be there…. the first words that you are greeted with when you walk into a gym can change your whole mood & make all the difference to your workout…. Or even make you walk straight back out the door. Yes, this has happened to me, I am a sensitive little soul… LOSER!

My experience with your zone has so far been amazing…. Vey sweaty, but still amazing. It’s has shown me that you can be a member of the most amazing gym in the world, but if you don’t enjoy it, don’t feel comfortable there and it doesn’t make you feel good when you go it will never work for you. You need to find what you love in order to keep it up and make it part of your lifestyle….. Whether it is Your Zone, running, cross-fit, yoga, pole fit, or just a regular gym, it will only work if you love it. If you love it, you results will start to appear as if by magic.

Don’t mind me xxx

15 thoughts on “The secret diary of a yoyo gym member… Pt 2

  1. Lindsey Gillian says:

    OMG so you basically just described my life. Except I often don’t go to the gym because everything in there is just so heavy :) I don’t think I have a Your Zone in my area, but I will be sure to look into it. Thanks for the review! Ps- LOVE the site.

    • dontmindgem says:

      Hahaha a few people have said the same Lindsey, makes me feel so much better that I am not the only one who feels this way about exercise :) So glad you love it x

  2. Becki S says:

    Love that you found somewhere you are comfortable and motivated! I’ve never heard of this specific gym but I know that this type of gym has worked well for lots of folks I know!

  3. Rachel says:

    It is great you have found somewhere you are motivated and feel like you belong. I hated my local gym, it was far too cliquey and they had too many members for its size, so you had to wait to get on anything and instead of spending an hour working out, it was more like 20 minutes x

  4. Dorota says:

    Ok your gym experiences are close to mine. I also got fed up with excuses but I prefer to train at home. I had a personal trainer few times at the gym but I wasn’t nearly as sweaty or red faced than after a session I give myself at home. I also started eating more healthy. New book by Madeleine Shaw has opened my eyes to the world of great food with no added sugar. It’s been three weeks and my skin is glowing, I have energy that I didn’t have before. I now train 3 times a week but I’m more active every day :) It’s been a great journey for me. I never want it to stop :)

  5. veena says:

    I can relate to this 100%.

    Glad you found the place that makes you feel good. This just reminded me that I need to be back to gym soon as I have been just working out at home :)

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