Wednesday wonderings of a twenty something girl….

Wednesday wonderings of a twentysomething girlAnother Wednesday afternoon where I am so bored that I convince myself eating all the chomp bars & mini cheddars is a good idea and definitely won’t make me fat!

So to get over my boredom here is quick list of the random wonderings I have had so far today…..

How is it only Wednesday? Where the eff are you Friday????

Could I actually get away with red lipstick? Or will I just look like a drag queen?

Can’t remember if I have 3 or 4 day hair? I really can’t be bothered to wash my hair tonight…. One more day won’t hurt surely

When in the hell did Chomps become 25p??????????

If I am a size 8, why is there a roll of fat between my armpit and boob? What even is this??????

I wonder how much weight I lost doing that PT session last night? At least 4lbs surely…. I need to weigh myself right now!!!!

Where did all these bruises on my legs come from? And why did they just out of the blue appear on the day I choose to wear a dress

Why on earth is it so hard to give up smoking…. I’m an emotional wreck and hate everybody

At what age will I stop getting spots? I am nearly 30 but have the skin of a teenage boy!!!!

How do I have teenage boy skin but also grey hairs? Doesn’t even make sense…..

So you have liked a picture on instagram, commented on a status of facebook and been on Whatsapp in the past 30 mins…. But you still have replied to my text from last night?!?

How on earth does a quick facebook check turn into a full blown two hour stalking sess?

What happened to strawberry & creams campino sweets?

Why is snow fairy shower gel only available at Christmas?

Why did I just eat all them chomps… Ahhh I feel so sick & disgsuting… ohhhh hello forgotten mini cheddars in desk drawer

Where’s my phone? Where the eff is my phone? S**T, my effing phone has gone, someone has stolen it, SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY PHONE….. oh wait, it’s in my pocket/hand/right in front of my stupid face

Why are the ones that call you fat, always bigger than you? Do they not look in the mirror? Do they think they are also fat when they are calling you fat?

How is it only 11am? Where the eff are you 4pm?????

Don’t mind me xxx

9 thoughts on “Wednesday wonderings of a twenty something girl….

  1. Halee says:

    Oh, I have had days like this. I feel like I did stuff, but with nothing to show for it. It sucks.
    To be honest there is a very small percent of woman who can pull off red lipstick without looking like a drag queen.
    Hope your day starts to look up.

  2. Anali Martinez says:

    Hahahaha I think we should be friends! Not, but really! I have had many of the same thoughts and have had those days. Just keep rolling with the punches and eventually it will be the weekend again! lol

  3. Rinneth Tee says:

    This made me laugh, in a good way. I always think of random troubles too. I think even mature people think of random (sometimes ridiculous) things. Not that I know I’m still quite young.

    • dontmindgem says:

      Ahhh thank you Stephanie, that means a lot :) haha I am terrible for it, washing my hair is so annoying sometimes #girlproblems

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