Things you should know about being a puppy mumma

Leo 6In December we bought home our very own little fur baby, Leo the gorgeous Lab. Before we got him we devoured all the books about puppies/labs and with the help & support of our amazing breeders we felt pretty prepared. It was all so bloody exciting and I wouldn’t change Leo for the world… but there are a few little things that nobody tells you or prepares you for when you get own puppy…..

1. No more lazy days in bed….. he needs a wee,  a walk, breakfast & most importantly your complete & utter attention right now this minute…. Yes, it’s 4.30am

2. He will steal the most random things & hide them in what he thinks is the bestest hiding place that no one knows about…. it’s always his bed

3. Dog hair is your new accessory…. You wear it everywhere

4. You know when he’s been up to something just from the look on his face “haven’t done nothing mum, honest…. someone has been eating your brand new diary though…. I’m not a grass, but I definitely think it was teddy”

5. You will have the shitest day ever and come home wanting to cry…. But when you open the door & see how crazy stupid happy he is to see you, that bad day melts away in an instant

Leo 17Leo 12Leo 2









6. He has no concept of personal space. He will always be all up in your business…. his bum in your face, nose in your ear, dirty paws on your freshly washed hair and all 28kg’s (and still growing) of him on your lap

7. Just because he has been completely dry in the house for over 6 months does not mean he won’t happily run up the stairs & piss on the bed…. he’s nice like that

8. You will panic at the smallest sign of sickness. Keep calm, he is a pup & they will eat all kinds of rubbish when your back is turned. You were never going to get through puppy ownership without at least one episode of diarrhoea…. Maybe make that 10

9. No one can describe the utter happiness you feel when you realise he is allowed in your local pub…. And he actually behaves himself so your allowed back

10. You will have a full blown conversation with him for at least 15 minutes before you look at his confused little face staring at you & realise you’re talking to a dog…. this will happen about 5 times day

11. He may have had a few good days where he is a little angel but this does not mean he is the world most perfectly behaved dog & can be left alone with the run of the house while you go to the gym….. he will eat through the stairs…. and it will be all your fault

Leo 18

Leo 7

Leo 9


12. He will think it’s hilarious to run across the park & then pretend to be deaf as you embarrass yourself screaming his name…. he loves showing you up

13. He knows when your upset and will also gives the best snuggly cuddles & wet kisses in the world

14. You can buy all the expensive toys but nothing excites him more than a smelly sock, a filthy muddy tennis ball or an empty coke bottle

15. He can sulk way better than any toddler, even throwing in a few huffs & puffs…. Such a drama queen… definitely takes after his Mum

Leo 3

Leo 5

Leo 1









16. He knows the minute you rip off the top of a yogurt pot…. He could be snoring his head off in the other room but as soon as he hears that amazing noise he is by your side in seconds, dribbling as if he hasn’t eaten in months

17. He needs to know everything you are doing & follow you all over the house every second of the day…. he is the nosiest little pest ever

18. He has no idea of how dirty he gets… he will still try to give you sloppy kisses with a face covered in mud…. He just loves you so much

19. One toy will be his favourite & go everywhere with him. It will bloody sink to high heaven & be soggy with dribble & he will touch your face with it when he wants to play…. Have a few spares for swapping when washing…. he’ll never know

20. Lastly, no one warns you the absolute love you will feel for him, it will amaze you how happy he makes you, how much you miss his gorgeous little face & how crazy fierce you will become if his well being is compromised

Leo 19

Leo 8

Leo 4









Being a puppy mumma is actually kind of wonderful!

Don’t mind me xxx

13 thoughts on “Things you should know about being a puppy mumma

  1. Maureen says:

    The joys of owning a puppy! We once had a dog who was MUCH smarter than we were. As a puppy she learned how to climb over baby gates and escape. She also like to chew up the corners of our walls. But we loved her!

  2. Sina says:

    What a great post, Gemma! :-) Oh my gosh, Leo looks so incredibly cute! I wish our dog would be this small again! He just turned eight a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Addie says:

    I just love this post. I am still a reluctant puppy momma because I said I didn’t want puppies anymore, just older dogs. But the boo got a puppy. Now that she’s getting bigger in enjoying the cuddles more. I definitely don’t enjoy the poop and pee episodes though lol

  4. Victoria Lahney says:

    Due to my mom being allergic, I have never had the opportunity to owning a dog. One of my goals after college is over, its to buy a dog so I can experiences all the things you talked about. After reading this, it makes me want a puppy even more!

  5. Kara Benz says:

    Aw, I love this post! All of these are so true! My favorite is no matter what kind of day I have had, my Bentley girl is always there to cheer me up when I get home :)

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