We all start somewhere….

ProfileI didn’t always want to blog….. I’m somewhere in my 20’s so blogging wasn’t a thing when I was growing up, being a spice girl was.

That failed, so I have a proper grown-ups job, but for a while now I have been thinking of blogging. Just getting my thoughts out of my head like Dumbledore does with the Pensive…. This blog is my pensive (apologies non-harry potter lovers)

Just as I was finishing my last year of uni, I was handed one of those self-development books…. all about the law of attraction.

I’d never heard of these sorts of books before, I’ve always been a chick lit, Martina Cole or trashy novel kinda girl but once I started reading I realised I needed to know everything about the law of attraction & right now!

I never realised how negative I was before reading these books, how I let stupid things control my moods, ruin my days & how my emotions completely controlled my entire life…. they still do sort of, I am girl ffs!!!

But yes I was a negative norman & actually wasn’t enjoying life…. I wasn’t depressed or unhappy, I had some really amazing things & people & all that, but I wasn’t living the life I actually wanted…. I was just drifting, waiting for life to happen, not realising it actually already was.

These books & the law of attraction as a whole changed my entire outlook on life & I am forever grateful to the person that gave me my first self-development book.

Now please don’t think I am going to start shoving all that blah down your throats & tell you how I am now living my dream life & have millions in the bank….. I F-ing Wish!!!! I am also not going to pretend that I have the missing ingredient to the law of attraction & if you download my eBook for £100 a month you too will start living your dream & have millions in the bank…  again I Wish!!!

But what I will tell you is the book made me think….. And slowly started to change me.

I became more conscious of who I was as a person, how my everyday actions affected not just me but others around me….. how just saying thank you to people who should actually be thanked could change a whole persons day (sorry for that little bit of cheese). I also started to realise that while I may not be a millionaire skinny bitch who owned all the Hermes bikinis (self confessed handbag lover…. this will not be the first time you hear about handbags) I was actually living quite a lovely life – I just hadn’t noticed.

I had the boy who told me everyday I was beautiful…. even though he heard me fart on our first date (I am an absolute keeper right?) and he’s a Fireman so actually I won the lottery there. Yep he drives me mad but he puts up with my crazy and makes me smile every damn day. I had a big brilliant annoying family (the best kind to have), a roof over my head, money in the bank (ish) and a select few of friends that were amazing loyal, brutally honest, who would tell me if I ever looked fat or ridulous also help me get through anything I needed, no questions asked. I also had a good job & was on my way to a first class degree….. I just hadn’t seen it so clearly.

Once my eyes were opened to my lovely little life, I become so much more positive….. & realised I wanedt more loveliness in my life…. no not the Hermes birkins, ok maybe a bit, but more along the lines of things that made me grateful, happy & also motivated to stay positive.

That is where this blog comes in….. It’s basically taken me 4 years since reading that first book to get of arse & write my first post…. but, well, life!

All through these self development books is the theme of finding your purpose in the world & I would constantly search my brain for my purpose, what was it that I really wanted to do. Writing was always there just hanging out amongst the junk of my mind. I kept coming back to it & then brushing it off…  I mean really, could I write? Did I have anything to even write about? Anything even worth glancing at, letting alone actual people reading…  I still don’t have the answer to these questions but for now my purpose just may be sharing the junk of my mind & jumble of random thoughts on this blog and hopefully having some lovely people read it and maybe think it is a little bit lovely….

So yes…. we all start somewhere…. and this is the start of me, Gem.

Don’t mind me xxx

15 thoughts on “We all start somewhere….

  1. Steph Robinson says:

    Welcome to the blogging world Gem! Writing can actually be a really good way to engage in some self-reflection :) Which self-help book was it that started you on this journey? I could do with getting a handle on my negative tendencies!! x

    • GemmaLK says:

      Hi Steph, thanks for the welcome!! I been wanting to publish my first post for a while now but been so stupidly nervous! Your so right, having some where to write everything down really is amazing & has always helped me see things a bit differently. The first book I read was The Secret & have since gone on to read a million more but my favourites & ones I always refer back to are The Monk who sold his Ferrari & the Four Agreements. That both helped me & continue to do so massively xxx

  2. Liz says:

    Love this post! It’s so important to just step up and realize that we have to make ourselves happy instead of expecting other people to do so. Definitely going to have to check out some of those books!

    • GemmaLK says:

      Thanks Liz, you are so right! I can’t recommend The Monk who sold his Ferrari & the Four Agreements enough, they really changed things for me!! x

  3. FujikoToyohashi says:

    You my Dear sound like a really interesting person and I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Do you have a recommendation for self-development books? I’m interested in them, too and I like reading self-development blogs as well (^_^)
    BTW, who doesn’t love Harry Potter? 😉

    • GemmaLK says:

      Fujiko thank you for such a lovely comment… & it is always great to find a fellow HP lover! The Monk who sold his Ferrari & the Four Agreements are my absolute bibles! Any that you can recommend? xxx

  4. kate's Fashion And Beauty says:

    A warm welcome to the blogging world ,as a newbie myself it is scary .But it helps to write things down, i get joy out of passing on my knowledge. And i think you have to believe in yourself, you will go far. I hope it all works out. Keep us posted.

    • GemmaLK says:

      You really should Veena, there are so many great ones out there & some of them can really change your outlook on certain things going on in your life :)

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