A Wednesday afternoon rant…..

This closeWarning! I am about to have a big old massive rant….

Forgive me, but sometimes it’s needed to clear the air. And to be quite honest I do love a good rant, so here are all the things that are really bugging me on this boring grey wettish/muggy afternoon…. (does the UK not realise it’s July)

Too much personal drama shared on social media…. Checking in at the hospital on facebook? Five million status updates about a cheating selfish no good bf, two days later he’s the love of your life?  Selfie’s that boarder on porn, did you really miss that flash of nip before choosing the best one to upload? Nobody need to see all this first thing in the morning…. Keep it behind closed doors people!!!

People that try and get on the tube before everyone has a chance to get off…. If you going to use the tube during rush hour, learn the god damn rules!!!!

Also, if you are using public transport, be nice to your fellow humans and use some deodorant. Pretty Please.

When I buy a mozzarella & pesto pasta salad, why is there only three tiny shreds of mozzarella, yet a million & one green leaves. Come on Mr Sainsburys, give me my mozzeralla!

Women that use kids as weapons against their ex. If the Dad is actually bloody amazing, will do anything for their kids and actually put up with the most ridiculousness of baby mama drama without saying a word, what’s the problem? Sorry, that was a little too heavy, but it really really annoys me!!!

Bad eyebrows…. There is no excuse for bad eyebrow ladies…. if you can’t look after a simple eyebrow, what else can’t you look after??

When someone texts you and expects you to reply right that second. When you don’t, because you may just be busy at that moment in time, they proceed to call you, text you, facebook you…. And continue to do so until you answer. Just stop! All this nonsense will only piss us off more & will further delay us getting back to you… STALKER!

When you’re driving and kindly let someone go and they don’t even acknowledge your kindness…. It’s just pure rudeness and completely unacceptable

During this beauteous summer we are having (yeah right) if you choose to wear sandal/flips fops or any kind of toe displaying shoe, please ensure said toes are at the very least in an acceptable public exposure condition

When that beautiful dress you ordered online & have been so excited about finally arrives so you run upstairs to try it on….. and you look nothing like the girl did it the picture. Seriously, is this even the same dress? What is this material? Why do I look 6 months preggers? Who would even wear this!!!!!

And breath Gem…… Rant over!

Don’t mind me xxx

13 thoughts on “A Wednesday afternoon rant…..

  1. Inspiration Indulgence says:

    bahaha! I’m so glad you posted this! Not going to lie, I’ve had a pretty shitty morning, and I’m not in the greatest mood! One thing that set me off was a rude comment regarding my blog by a fellow blogger! Like really!! So I can relate to the social media crap.

    • dontmindgem says:

      That’s so bad…. I really hate when people are rude. Manners cost nothing and kindness should be sprinkled everywhere :) This is a very late reply but I hope your day got better xxx

  2. sweetteaandhydrangeas says:

    Oh these are great!!! I feel like we are the same person! I can not stand bad eye brows! I mean sometimes mine aren’t perfect but I make sure they do not look a hot mess. Oh and when I let people in and they dont do a thank you motion, it burns my butt. I want to say well I could have been a you know what and let you sit there. Lol.

  3. Jane says:

    We should start a movement giving out free deodorant and tweezers at all stations. Seriously. The world be be a happier place

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